Hard, fast and fashionable: Ms. Lupino shows a candied side. August 3, 2012 07:46 1 Comment

Mmmmm . . . I suppose Ida's momma didn't tell her it's not nice to point. Or perhaps she did, and Ida simply ignored that advice. And that's OK. Because none of us does everything our mothers want. Do we? I think not. Much to their chagrin.

Here, Ida shows a Vogue_gibsongirl_pattern very good girl side offscreen: the Victorian inspired-sleeves, the flats that would look right at home on a toddler wearing lace socks. She's even wearing a heart around her neck. I'm glad I took my coffee black this morning. Otherwise, I'd be the victim of a sugar overload.

If you'd like to emulate this look, may I suggest Vogue 7606, View A? Sure, it lacks a bow, but, really, do you need one? How sweet do you want to be?

The details: Vogue 7606 Dresses Bust 32 Still in factory folds Copyright 1952 $35.

For your jewelry, I suggest the Stitched Heart necklace from Chelsea Stone, an artist who resides in Prescott, AZ. Very talented Chelsea_heart woman, Chelsea. And you can get this in large or small, in copper or silver. Choices, doncha love 'em? I do. Absolutely.

And, yes indeedy. This pattern can be yours at The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (We ship abroad as well, happily. And we charge less for shipping than the postal service charges us. Isn't that delightful? We think so.)