Star-spangled style: Ms. Lake owns the sexy shirtdress. Totally. September 23, 2012 09:58 1 Comment

It's simple. It's sexy. And it's oh-so-comfortable. The shirtdress. It can go to the office. The grocery store. The elegant bistro with starched white tablecloths and ivories that tinkle. What could be better? And who wears this style with more panache than Veronica Lake?

Lipstick_crepeThis is an easy look to emulate — the fashion — of course. You might, however, have to don a wig to get the golden waves that cascade with perfection.

You might choose McCall 5453 to make your frock. (Details, if you please: McCall 5453 Dress Bust 34 Complete except for easily duplicated belt Copyright 1943 $26) This pattern has a few extra style riffs that put this right over the moon. Totally. Completely.

And for your fabric, may I suggest the lipstick wool crepe at Mood Fabrics? A mere $14 per yard, 57" wide and made in Italy. (I love that Mood sources the country of origin.)

Lake_shoeAnd for the well shod foot, my choice is this spike-embellished Lola Cruz platform pump. Worthy of swooning. It is. You can find it at Amazon, on sale half-price. Isn't that a kick?

So. I've done the tough homework for you. The sweating. The crying. The click-click-clicking. My fingertips are bleeding. But. You're so worth it. You are. All you have to do, my pretty, stylish ones,  is follow the links and you'll be one fashionable 1940s babe, referencing none other than noir vixen Veronica Lake. Oh, yeah, and you'll have to do a little sewing. But. Think of the pride you'll have in your finished product. You'll be all aglow with pride. Absolutely.

And, yes indeedy. This pattern can be yours at The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (We ship abroad as well, happily. And we charge less for shipping than the postal service charges us. Isn't that delightful? We think so.)