Button up this overcoat when the wind blows free . . . October 1, 2012 09:59

Vogue_7142_1950sYou went out Saturday. It was brisk. You wore your old jacket. It's pretty. Of course. After all, you chose it. And you have good taste. But you were — you are — a little bored with it. And you've been so good. So frugal. So hard-working. You deserve a treat. You do. Absolutely.

So. You are going to  treat yourself to a new jacket for those inbetweeny evenings. When it's too warm for a coat. Too chilly for a sweater. You've chosen Vogue 7142, copyright 1950. Two different looks, and you may just make them both. Why not?

Retro_velvetPerhaps the blue and green retro velvet at Mood? It's $18 per yard, and it will be so versatile with your wardrobe - chock full of seafoams and celadons and whatnot shades of blue and green and taupe. That will be your first version. You'll need to do a bit more shopping  (oh, woe!) before selecting fabrics for the two-tone style.

And yes, sweeties, this wonderful pattern can be yours. Just drop by The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (And, yes, we happily ship abroad for a fee — just what the post office charges, in fact.) So rush on over. Do. Snap this one up. Don't tarry.