Learning to sew: Shocking. I'm actually pleased with my jacket . . . October 5, 2012 10:44 11 Comments

So far, at any rate. At the moment, I'm wrestling with bound buttonholes. I'm using the same technique my teacher taught for the welt pockets, but it seems much more difficult to do in such a small space. Practice, I hear, makes perfect. We'll see. Right now, I'd be reasonably happy with three bound buttonholes that looked close to perfect.

I'm reasonably happy with the fit. Am I being too easy on myself? What do you think?

That's silk organza you see on the collar. I underlined the jacket with it. I'll be using silk batiste for the lining. It's done — except for bagging it.

Leslie, my teacher, uses the flat insertion method for one-piece sleeves. It was easy. Quite. Any opinions on that technique? Pros? Cons?

As I look at the picture above, I'm not happy with the shoulder-pad placement. Leslie felt it was best to extend the edge beyond the sleeve to make a sleeve head. I thought it looked fine in class. Now, not so much . . . .

Anyway, I await your ideas, your critiques, your praise. Bring them on.