So many swell dresses. So many places to wear them. Yes indeed. November 5, 2012 00:34

Dearest Gardenias, it's that time again. Time to enjoy The Blue Gardenia's latest additions. This update, you'll find everything from a hip-stiffened skirt perfect for Dior's New Look to a gorgeous housecoat that will look perfect beside the tree on Christmas morn. Do let me share a few of my favorites among the many additions:

Have a holiday gala coming up? Then why not whip up Vogue 5704? It's strapless, it's chic, and there's a fabulous back-buttoned jacket you can don if the wind blows chill. You can even do a sexy lace version.

If you're looking for a drapey day dress that can go straight from the office to an elegant dinner, I suggest 1940s Vogue 8969. It has draping. It has shirring. Can you ask for anything more? Well, that winning lottery ticket. Of course.

If you are a fan of the New Look — and who isn't? —  look no further than Vogue 7509, copyright 1951. While this skirt doesn't have padding, it does use hair canvas to make the most of the silhouette. Love it. Hope you do, too.

And Butterick 5375, while labeled a housecoat — and what a beautiful housecoat it will make — can go well beyond such intimate duties. It will also make a smashing dress. It will indeed. And did I mention it is Quick and Easy? So says Butterick, and you know they would never pull your leg.

And, you guessed it, dahlings, each and every one of these delightful styles can be yours. Just drop by The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (And, yes, we happily ship abroad for a fee — just what the post office charges, in fact.) Come see all the additions. You'll find them at the beginning of each category. Don't tarry, though. You don't want them to get away.