The countdown begins: The Blue Gardenia sale ends tonight! January 7, 2013 00:00

So. You have mere hours to take advantage of The Blue Gardenia's terrific sale. And you want to, don't you? I want you to, and so do our little canine pals. They like their treats. They do. Absolutely. And treats cost money.

The details: 

Spend $50 - $99, get 15% off. 
Spend $100 - $249, get 35% off. 
Spend $250 - $399, get 40% off. 
Spend $400 or more, get 45% off.

Isn't that grand? I think so. And the limits are all before the discount, which means if you spend, for instance, $250, then your tally will only be be $150. It includes every pattern, every piece of jewelry. May I say wow?

Sale ends at midnight PST January 7, 2013 — yes, tonight! So hurry, scurry! All payments must be received by January 11, 2013.