Learning to sew: My Gertie coat. What do you think? March 3, 2013 15:56 9 Comments

Finally. My Gertie coat. Sure. It took time. But I am pleased with it.

It's made of wool flannel.

And lined in 3-mummy ice blue silk charmeuse. I did not make bound buttonholes. My one regret. My sewing teacher encouraged me to enter it in a local contest, and my bound buttonholes aren't quite up to snuff.


Well. There is one other regret. I was so busy sewing that I missed buying tickets for The Mavericks. By the time I realized they were going to be in Santa Fe, all the good seats were gone. Drat. I'll just have to settle for Raul Malo's voice on CD. See and hear what I'm missing? At least, we have Pink Martini tickets for consolation.