And the winner was . . . someone else. Oh, well. June 24, 2013 16:33 4 Comments

The truth has been revealed. I will hide it no longer. I'm a procrastinator. But you'd figured that out already. Right, dear readers? No flies, and all that.

So. The bad news is that my Gertie coat didn't win. I did get 22 points out of 25, and this was a first-place only contest. Still. I feel rather good about it. If I had made bound buttonholes and used narrower horsehair braid and woven bias interfacing on the collar, I could have taken home the prize. That's what the judges wrote. Oh, well. Live and learn, as some sage once said.

Here's the jacket that won. Chanel-style. Complete with chain sewn on the lining inside.

So. There ya go. Hope you're glad I'm back, readers. I do have projects to share, including draperies. Isn't that thrilling? And a different hair style. Aren't you all a quiver?