A lazy Sunday afternoon at a favorite coffee spot in my new skirt. June 30, 2013 16:47 1 Comment

We are having a heat wave here in ABQ. The weathercasters promised a cooling spell today. But the proof of their failure is all too evident in the numbers: It was 103 degrees downtown. Yeeeeoooowwwl. Dry heat or not, that is hot.

I did not, however, let the heat keep me indoors. I traipsed downtown, dear readers, just for you. Because I wanted you to see my new skirt. New to you, at any rate. I finished it several months ago. And I wanted to show off a bit of Albuquerque. 

Threads_2758I used Simplicity 2758, a discontinued Threads design. I chose the partial circle skirt pattern, but left off the embellishments. No pockets. No tabs. Not my style. I picked a locally designed Silverado ikat that is luscious. It has a linen texture on the outside and a soft flannel texture on the other.

The mural behind me is at the Albuquerque Convention Center, and it is a stunning tile mosaic. The other Albuquerque picture was taken from the second floor of the Flying Star downtown. Great desserts. In fact, everything is good there.

I was quite pleased with the pattern. So much so, indeed, that I made another. And you'll be seeing that one after I make a blouse to wear with it.