Need a dress for the holiday office fete? Vogue 4464 = perfection. December 7, 2013 17:43

You absolutely adore Vogue Special Design S-4464
 It will be perfect for the office Christmas party, and you just have time to order it from The Blue Gardenia and whip it up. This 1953 design provides everything you want in a frock for the cocktail party: It's smart. It's elegant. But not so va va va voom that it will have the office lecherous types slobbering on you. Ugh. Unpleasant thought, that. Get a few too many martinis in some of your coworkers and they turn into red-nosed, drooling wolves. 

Fabric_hunter_silkAnd you have found just the fabric at the hunter green silk doupioni. Easy to sew. Beautiful. Can a woman ask for more? Well, yeah, but that is a post for another day.

Don't forget to shop, shop, shop The Blue Gardenia's End-of-an-Era Sale! It's a doozy. Take advantage of these great discounts before the new site premieres in January. Do.