Learning to sew? Love the '40s? Vogue 9372 is calling your name. January 3, 2014 19:08


She's learning to sew. At last. At long last. She's made a pencil skirt. A short-sleeve shirt. Now, she's ready to tackle a jacket. The 1940s Wool_1940s are her favorite period. The strong shoulders. To her, they signify strength. Independence. She loves Vogue 9372. And it is easy to make. Vogue promises. In writing.

She's chosen a Zegna wool from Michael's Fabrics. It has that 1940s vibe. Yes indeedy. And, yes, this is one of the many patterns available at The Blue Gardenia at an ever-so-special discount. Do drop by. We'd love to see you.

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