Free your inner Carol Lombard or Mildred Pierce. April 3, 2014 00:31

  McCall-143 I am happy to be back. So very. You might even say ecstatic. I've missed talking and sharing. I've missed having a working website. And I thank you for your patience, dear readers and clients. I do. And I am delighted to be sharing outstanding pattern additions with you. You'll find McCall 143 in Lingerie. It is not only sexy, elegant, suitable for Carole Lombard. It's also multipurpose: a bed jacket, an evening coat, a negligee. Can you beat that? I think not. Butterick-6668 I am also smitten with Butterick 6668, another Thirties style with unusual details. The collar on View A will definitely have your audience sighing in envy. McCalls-3499 I am not usually one for bows. Too saccharine for this gardenia. But I loveMcCall's 3499. Absolutely. The girliness of the bow contrasts perfectly with the severity of the square collar. It's salted caramel in a dress! This design is from 1953. Do you love it as much as I do? VogueSD-S-4189 Enhance an hourglass suit with an over-the-top face-faming collar, and you have won my stylish heart. Vogue Special Design S-4189 is the suit of my dreams. Channel 1951 when you wear this. It is runway ready. Simplicity-4900 Sometimes, you just want to don a 1940s housedress and pretend you're Mildred Pierce. May I suggest Simplicity 4900, from 1943? Goes great with pie and fried chicken! Hollywood-1354 And if you're in the mood to play  -- and who isn't when the sun shines bright and the skies are the color of blue hydrangeas -- slip into Hollywood 1354. So cute. So sassy. You'll find many other additions at The Blue Gardenia. And remember, the newly designed site has a shopping cart that works and a search function. How cool is that?