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She is feeling in a glamorous mood. Sweatpants just won't do for lounging around the house. She feels she's gotten sloppy. Heck, she knows she's gotten sloppy. Wearing yoga pants when she's not on her mat? No more. McCall 8111, copyright 1935. Now, that is the look she seeks. Elegance with a touch of spice. And even though she's new to sewing, she knows she can make this pattern — and make it in a slinky three-ply silk charmeuse. After all, she lined a wool coat in charmeuse. It wasn't hard to work with at all. Not a bit, despite the stories she'd heard. Yes, this is the one. She'll look like a movie star when she butters her whole wheat toast. She'll be sexy brushing her hair and powdering her nose at her vanity. Yes indeed. Yes, patternistas, you know this is available at The Blue Gardenia. And our shopping cart works now. That makes us so happy. So. Drop by and put a few goodies in your shopping bag, It'll make your day — and ours!