From steampunk bodices to saucy hats, an update for the style-setter. May 1, 2014 19:55

You guessed it. While I was in Colorado Springs, His Bertness was working his fingers to the bone adding fabulous vintage patterns to The Blue Gardenia. Isn't he a sweetie? Absolutely. A few of my favorites: Butterick-6788DButterick 6788, the perfect lounging robe. The perfect beach robe. The perfect bath robe. The perfect cape. Yes. It is a perfect pattern. In case you hadn't picked up on that. 1930s, natch. Butterick-5434DAnother 1930s that makes this patternista swoon: Butterick 5434. This is so elegant. So Irene Dunne. It has not one version but four!!!! And a saucy and unusual hat. Can you beat that? Not even with a stick, chicks. Butterick-1792And if you're in the mood to rock the steampunk look and, hons, that was the look at the writing convention, you must purchase Butterick 1792. Three versions, all smokin' hot. And, yep, you'll find these patterns and many more additions at The Blue Gardenia. Ship abroad? With delight.