Pucci, Ricci, Montana – Those are only a few '60s-on we just added! May 13, 2014 00:05

  VoguePO-1426 Isn't this the most elegant shirtdress you've ever set those gorgeous orbs upon? It's my favorite. Absolutely. And it is one of the many 1960s patterns The Blue Gardenia added to the site tonight. VogueDesOrig-2499I also adore this Betty Jackson. Huge pants, so reminiscent of the Thirties. Perfect for an evening party on the patio, sidecar in hand. VogueIndividualist-1894This criss-cross back and the silhouette of this Montana design isn't something you'll see on every street corner. Sassy. Sexy. Feminine. The jackpot, pals. And of course this is just the tip of the update iceberg. So many more wonderful patterns in the Sixties-On section. Do drop by!